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14 febbraio 2020: Tullio Viola: The study of culture after William James’s Principles of Psychology

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Seminars on Pragmatism and the Sciences

Tullio Viola (Universität Erfurt)

The study of culture after William James’s Principles of Psychology

14 febbraio 2020, ore 11:00-13:00

Sala Enzo Paci, Direzione del Dipartimento di Filosofia, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, Milano.


The general aim of the talk is to defend an interpretation of classical pragmatism as one of the most significant turn-of-the-century contributions to a philosophical study of culture. More specifically, the seminar aims to explore the crucial role played by William James in this story. In a chapter of The Principles of Psychology entitled “The Perception of Reality,” James suggests conceptualizing different cultural domains – such as science, mythology, or religion – as “sub-universes” of our reality, to which we may grant or deny existence depending on the specific situations in which we find ourselves acting. This argument opens up the possibility of a systematic inquiry into the way the many spheres of human culture develop over time and interact with one another. At the same time, it relates to other aspects of James’s philosophy that are pivotal to a philosophy of culture, such as the “will to believe,” the theory of emotions, and the stream of thought.

La conferenza si terrà in inglese.

La partecipazione è fortemente raccomandata agli allievi del Scuola di Dottorato in Filosofia e Scienze dell’Uomo.

Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.

Organizzato in collaborazione con Associazione Culturale Pragma e con il Centro di Ricerca Interuniversitario "Pragmatismo - Costruzione di saper  - Formazione"

For information: andrea.parravicini@unimi.it or rossella.fabbrichesi@unimi.it

14 febbraio 2020
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