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20 febbraio 2020: Enea Le Fons: 30 Days in VR. A Phenomenology of Future Screens

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Seminario di Filosofia dell'immagine 2019-2020: Illusion Between Simulation, Emulation, and Hyper-Realism

Enea Le Fons (Casa degli Artisti, Milano)

30 Days in VR. A Phenomenology of Future Screens

20 febbraio 2020, h. 17.00-19.00.

Sala Seminari, Sottotetto del Dipartimento di Filosofia, Cortile Ghiacciaia, via Festa del Perdono 7, Milano.


Virtual reality (VR) and cross reality (XR) have often been the object of dystopian misrepresentations. However, VR and XR constitute a unique opportunity to improve our lives radically. Indeed, these technologies allow extending human beings’ perceptual, cognitive, computational, and communicative skills unprecedentedly. Moreover, the third dimension they comprise – which is naturally part of the human experience – makes these technologies much more natural and intuitive than previous 2D alternatives, thus allowing much more functional user experiences. Ultimately, VR and XR – if developed in a technically appropriate and in an ethically responsible way – promise to become a welcomed integration in our everyday reality and activities soon.

In this paper, I am presenting the outcome of an experience I have undergone to demonstrate that this can be the case: namely, my “#30DaysinVR” challenge, conceived and conducted in collaboration with HTC VIVE. Thus, the paper will expand on bodily feelings, emotions, issues, discoveries, and take-home-messages that both users and programmers can derive from living in a VR environment for thirty consecutive days.

Enea Le Fons
started working with interactive 3D, VR, human-computer interfaces in 1999. He developed a specialization in design, architecture, music and natural interaction which drove him across several creative industries such as gaming, museums, advertisement, movies, event installations, set extension, holographic projection. He directed and helped to found some VR and interaction design start-ups and is the president of the WHITELABEL foundation. He has been working for renowned companies like Epic Games and Softimage, but he was also part of several non-profit projects focused on regenerative entrepreneurship. His current research revolves around XR Cross-Reality, web XR telepresence, spatial computing and its impact on perception, health, and productivity.

AN-ICON - Advanced Grant 2019-2024

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Ulteriori informazioni: https://an-icon.unimi.it/event/seminar-of-philosophy-of-image-elisa-caldarola/

20 febbraio 2020
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