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3 luglio 2018: Melissa Fusco: Agential Free Choice

Talk organized by Andrea Borghini


Prof. Melissa Fusco (Columbia University)

Agential Free Choice

Tuesday July 3, 2018 - h. 16.30

Sala "Enzo Paci", via Festa del Perdono, 7.


The Free Choice effect---whereby ♢(Φ or Ψ) seems to entail both ♢Φ and ♢Ψ---has long described as a phenomenon affecting the deontic ``may''.  In this talk, I explore how to extend the theory of deontic free choice I defended in Fusco (2015) to the agentive modal "can".  This is the use of "can" which describes an agent's powers, independent of normative or informational constraints on her acts.  I'll be picking up on recent work on these constructions by Mandelkern, Schultheis, and Boylan (2017) and Horty and Pacuit (2017).  Getting an assist from some new experimental data, I will argue that free choice for deontic and agential phenomena, while distinct, are related in a natural way.  Putting them side-by-side with respect to free choice behavior opens a new window onto the unity and diversity in natural language modality.

The lecture will be held in English.

Participation is strongly recommended to students of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

03 luglio 2018
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