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5 novembre 2019: Jacopo Tagliabue: ”A Rose by any other Name”

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Seminari di Logica a cura del Logic Group del Dipartimento di Filosofia "Piero Martinetti"

Jacopo Tagliabue - Coveo, NY

”A Rose by any other Name”. Exploiting Knowledge Graphs for Lexical Learning in Information Retrieval

5 novembre 2019, ore 16:00-18:00.

Sala Enzo Paci, Direzione del Dipartimento di Filosofia, Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono 7.


Information retrieval (IR) systems need to constantly update their knowledge as objects and language change over time. Due to linguistic data sparsity in the long tail of search queries, learning lexical concepts resists standard embedding-based approaches. We propose a learning framework that leverages symbolic information as encoded in knowledge graphs, both as a source of prior knowledge over lexical meanings and as a means of generating experiments to update this prior. The proposed framework is a novel combination of two ideas from cognitive science, lexical learning as inference and optimal experiment design, for the purpose of ecient IR. In this talk, we introduce the key components of this system, discuss preliminary results in idealized settings and share our roadmap for future improvements.

L'incontro si terrrà in inglese.
La partecipazione alla conferenza è fortemente consigliata agli allievi della Scuola di Dottorato in Filosofia e Scienze dell’U omo.
La partecipazione è aperta a tutti gli interessati. Ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento dei posti a sedere.

The Logic Group, Department of Philosophy, University of Milan

05 novembre 2019
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