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2014-2015 II semestre: Truth and the Liar Paradox  

Corsi Dottorato II semestre 2014-2015


Truth and the Liar Paradox

Prof. José Martínez Fernández (Universitat de Barcelona)


25 March (h. 10-12; 14-16) and 26 March (h. 10-12) 

Seminar Room (Cortile Ghiacciaia, 2 floor)


The Liar Paradox derives from platitudes about truth shared by virtually all standard accounts of truth. The aim of the course is to present several versions of the Liar and then to give a brief discussion of the main solutions proposed to the Liar.



1. Introduction: theories of truth and the Liar paradox.

2. The orthodox solution: the Tarskian hierarchy of truth predicates.

3. Paracomplete solutions 1: Kripke’s theory of truth.

4. Paraconsistent solutions: Priest’s dialetheism.

5. The revision theory of truth: Gupta and Belnap’s theory of circular definitions.

6. Paracomplete solutions 2: Field’s theory of truth.

7. Contextualist solutions: Burge and Glanzberg.

8. Axiomatic theories of truth and the discussion about deflationism.




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