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(2017/2018) I Semester: Massimo Mazzotti (Berkeley): "Science, Technology, and Society"  

Title:​ Science, Technology, and Society
Teacher:​ Massimo Mazzotti (University of California, Berkeley)

Dates: 13th-15th December 2017

Course​ Abstract

This course is designed to provide a rigorous foundation in the interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Studies (STS). It will reconstruct the emergence of its major themes and issues, and offer an overview of leading theories and research methodologies. Students will explore the relationship between science and society through classic work in social theory as well as empirical case-studies from different periods and contexts. Attention will focus on questions of knowledge, power, expertise, and democracy, and on the ways in which new scientific and political futures are produced. The course will equip graduate students with theoretical and practical tools for analyzing complex problems at the science, technology, and society interface.

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