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(2017/2018) II Semester: Casalegno Lectures 2018: “Knowledge and Other Norms of Belief"  

Title:​ Knowledge and Other Norms of Belief.

Teacher: Prof. Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)

Coordination: Elisa Paganini


Casalegno Lectures 2018: Prof. Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford)

18-22 June 2018, Università degli Studi di Milano, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Room 431, h. 14:30.

Prof. Timothy Williamson has been the Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford since 2000. His main research interests are in philosophical logic, epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of language. He is the author of Identity and Discrimination (Blackwell 1990, updated edition 2013), Vagueness (Routledge 1994), Knowledge and its Limits (Oxford 2000), The Philosophy of Philosophy (Blackwell 2007), Modal Logic as Metaphysics(Oxford 2013), Tetralogue (2015) and over 180 articles.

All details will be provided at the following link http://www.filosofia.unimi.it/paganini/CasalegnoLecturesindex.htm

To register, please mail to elisa.paganini@unimi.it

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