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(2017/2018) II Semester: Francesca Astrid Salvadori (Dip. Filosofia): "Language, Social Interaction and Technology"  

Title:​ Language, Social Interaction and Technology

Teacher:​ Francesca Astrid Salvadori (post doc, Department of Philosophy, Unimi)

Dates: February 2018

To register please mail to: giampietro.gobo@unimi.it


Course​ Abstract

This course aims to give both theoretical and practical insights on how to carry out a study of real-time mundane interaction taking a methodological approach informed by ethnomethodology (EM) and conversation analysis (CA). Students will be given background knowledge on various aspects of how to carry out this sort of study, starting from data collection of audio and video recordings and the analysis of social interaction. Students will then work on real audiovisual recordings from different work settings and will learn how to review and transcribe data using standard CA orthographies to aid the analysis and explore in depth the sequential organization of talk and non-vocal conduct. This course will contribute to contemporary debates around the relevance of artefacts and technology to coordinate work, augment the field of CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work) and HCI (Human Computer Interaction). It will shed light on topics of awareness, collaboration and communication, in terms of both the context and the embodied action of participants.

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