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Chance & Temporal Asymmetry

Reading Group - A.A. 2017-2018 - I Semestre


Title: Book: Chance & Temporal Asymmetry

Conveners: Donatien Costa, Laura Volpi

Committed : Emanuele Fabiano, Valerio Bini, Fausto di Quarto



«Chance and Temporal Asymmetry presents a collection of cutting-edge research papers in the metaphysics of science, tackling the perplexing philosophical problems raised by recent progress in the physics and metaphysics of chance and time. How do the probabilities found in fundamental physics and the probabilities of the special sciences relate to one another? Can a constraint on the initial conditions of the universe underwrite the second law of thermodynamics? How does contemporary quantum theory reframe debates over the nature of chance? What grounds do we have for believing in a fundamental direction to time? And how do all these questions connect up?

The aim of the volume is both to survey and summarize recent debates about chance and temporal asymmetry and to push them forward. Familiar approaches are subjected to searching new critiques, and bold new proposals are made concerning (inter alia) the semantics of chance-attributions, the justification of the Principal Principle connecting chance and degree of belief, and the source of the temporal asymmetry of human experience.

The contributors include world-leading figures in the field, all presenting new work rather than rehashingj
old ideas, as well as a number of promising junior scholars. A wide-ranging introduction j
connects the different chapters together, and provides essential background to the debates they take
up. Technicality is kept to a minimum and philosophical and conceptual foundations take centre

Chance and Temporal Asymmetry sets the agenda for future work on time and chance, which are central to the emerging sub-field of metaphysics of science. It will be indispensable to graduate students and to specialists in metaphysics and philosophy of science.»


The reading group will be held every week, from the second half of November to February 2018,
for a 12 hours total. The exact time schedule will be decided by the participants.


- Chance and Temporal Asymmetry, A. Wilson (ed.), OUP 2017


27 novembre 2017
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