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Gruppi di lettura 2013-2014  

Gruppi di lettura attivi nel II semestre 2013-2014

Aristotle's Metaphysics 

Convener: Dott. F. Forcignanò

The group will read parts of Aristotles's Metaphysics, and more recent papers that connect to the topics discussed by Aristotles. 


Man and Cosmos

Conveners: D. Bordini and K. Pukco

The group will read Thomas Nagel Mind and Cosmos. Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False (OUP), and papers related the the controversy it issued.


Identity and Interculturality 

Convener: M.S. Marinelli
The group will read recent works by the anthropologist Clifford Geertz and related material


The beginning of philosophy

Convener: L. Manfrini


Joint attention, collective actions and shared intentionality allow the birth of human communication: a reading evolutionary key

Convener: F. Della Gatta

The group will read the book Origins of Human Communication by Michael Tomasello, and related papers (both in philosophy and neuroscienze/cognitive science)


For Itself and In Itself. The Varieties of Intrinsic Value and Their Metaethical Presuppositions and Commitments.

Convener: M. Andreozzi

The concept of intrinsic value is the most important and contested notion in ethical theory. Almost every moral theory has some role for intrinsic value, and in some theories it has pride of place. Intrinsic value is the ‘gold standard’ of morality. Just as gold is what is of ultimate monetary value, so what is of intrinsic value is what is of ultimate moral value. In the case of both money and morality, other things obtain their value by their relations to what is of ultimate value. While this is a good first approximation, digging deeper we discover that the term ‘intrinsic value’ is used in different ways. Indeed, we can distinguish at least four distinct senses of the expression ‘intrinsic value’. The main aim of this reading group is to explore the current debate in metaethics on these meanings and its metaphysical, epistemological, ontological, and semantic implications.

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