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Walter Benjamin’s Charles Baudelaire

Reading Group - A.A. 2017-2018 - I o II Semestre


Title: Walter Benjamin’s Charles Baudelaire

Convener: Luca Barbaglia, Giacomo Mercuriali

Attendees (provisional list): Bianca Falcioni, Ivan Malara, Michele Meroni, Sonia Rezzonico



This reading group will be devoted to analyzing Walter Benjamin’s Charles Baudelaire, edited by Giorgio Agamben, Barbara Chitussi and Clemens-Carl Härle in 2012. This critical and philological edition reconstructs the complex relation between this text and the Passages.

Through this reading group we will attempt a fuller appreciation of Benjamin’s work, in order to achieve a better understanding of his classical concepts such as aura, allegory, choc, dialectical image, melancholy.



W. Benjamin, Charles Baudelaire. Un poeta lirico nell’età del capitalismo avanzato, Vicenza, Neri Pozza, 2012.



Weekly appointment to be decided among the participants.

27 novembre 2017
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