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Collaboration & Coordination in Teamwork – University of Milan




The Workplace Studies Research Lab is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre in the Department of Philosophy, University of Milan. It specialises in fine-grained video-based ethnographic studies of social interaction in work and organisational settings, drawing on ethnomethodology, conversation analysis, cognitive sociology and anthroposophy.


Video analysis, conversation analysis, ethnographic field work, discourse analysis, informal interviews, mystery shopper.

Research Areas

Field research; lab experiments; field & social experiments; applied & marketing research



Giampietro Gobo
contact: giampietro.gobo@unimimail.it
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Alessandro Zucchi
contact: alessandro.zucchi@unimi.it
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Francesca Salvadori is a Post- Doc Research Fellow interested in ethnographic and video-based methods to investigate the social practices that underpin work and use of technology. I specialize in addressing issues around teamwork, interaction with technologies and collaboration. In my research I currently focus on coordination, interaction and language used in work procedures in settings such as sports training, open office plans and museums. 
Contact: francesca.salvadori@unimi.it
Specialities: workplace studies, video analysis, spatial organisation, technology, user-experience research, communication
Francesca’s Publications
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Marina Brambilla
contact: marina.brambilla.@unimi.it
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