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3-7 dicembre 2018: Nick Young: Time and Experience

CPT Time-Methods Colloquia

Corso per gli studenti di Dottorato in Filosofia e Scienze dell'Uomo organizzato dal Centre for Philosophy of Time


Nick Young (CPT - Università delgi Studi di Milano)

Time and Experience.  A short class for PhD. Students


3-7 dicembre 2018, h. 14.00–16.00.

Sala Enzo Paci, Dipartimento di Filosofia, Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milano 


In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest amongst philosophers and psychologists both in how temporally extended experience should be understood. There are good reasons for such a focus. If the nature of conscious perception is to be understood, temporality certainly cannot be ignored: we not only experience the world in timewhat is perceived differs from moment to moment– but also, at least apparently, have experiences oftime, in that we see leaves fall or traffic lights change, and feel the present as constantly slipping into the past.
The objective of this course is to provide students with a thorough grounding in contemporary debates on time and experience. Areas of focus will include: how the experience of time as passing should be characterised, what it is to perceive change and movement, whether such properties can be depicted, and the temporal structure of non–visual perceptual modalities.

Le lezioni del corso saranno tenute in inglese.
Tutti gli interessati sono invitati a partecipare.
Ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento dei posti disponibili.

La partecipazione al corso di 10 ore dà diritto a 2 CFU ed è raccomandata agli allievi del Scuola di Dottorato in Filosofia e Scienze dell’Uomo.

For more info: Nick Young (nickyoung1@gmail.com),

To register, contact: giuliano.torrengo@unimi.it

07 dicembre 2018
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