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4-6 giugno 2015: Philosophical Puzzles: VIII Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy

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Convegno Internazionale - VIII Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy


“Philosophical Puzzles”

4—6 giugno 2015 - Università degli Studi di Milano


Puzzles have a special place in philosophy. Philosophy itself has been said to be born in puzzlement. And a bunch of puzzles are sometimes what philosophy gets you in the end. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, as the heritage of philosophy lies as much in its theories and visions as it lies in its puzzles. Through their ubiquitous presence in metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, and the rise of scientific thought, philosophical puzzles have contributed to shape the intellectual history of mankind. More modestly, philosophical puzzles are what the 8th Latin Meeting in Analytic Philosophy is about.



Giovedì 4 giugno – Aula Crociera Alta Giurisprudenza

15:00 – 16:30   Paul Egré (Institut Jean-Nicod), “What is an adequate justification?”.                                  Commmentator: Daniele Sgaravatti (University of Rome)

16:30 - 17:00   Coffee break

17:00 – 18:30   Isidora Stojanovic (Institut Jean-Nicod), “The grammar of valuing”.
Commentator: Alain Pe-Curto (University of Geneva)


Venerdì 5 giugno – Aula Crociera Alta Studi Umanistici

11:00 - 12:30    Esa Diaz Leon (University of Manitoba), “Pejorative terms and the semantic strategy”.
Commentator: Tristan Thommen (Institut Jean Nicod)

12:30 - 14:00   Lunch break

14:00 – 15:30  Elia Zardini (University of Lisbon), “Against the world”.
Commmentator: Eugenio Orlandelli(University of Bologna)

15:30 – 16:00  Coffee break

16:00 – 17:30  Dan Zeman (University of the Basque Country), “Contextualism and disagreement in attitude: a bad marriage?”
Commentator: Neftalí Villanueva Fernández (University of Granada)


Sabato 6 giugno – Aula Crociera Alta Studi Umanistici

10:00 – 11:30   Teresa Marques (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), “A puzzle for conflicts”.
Commentator: Sebastiano Moruzzi (University of Bologna)

11:30 - 12:00   Coffee break

12:00 - 13:30   Annalisa Coliva (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), “How to committ Moore's paradox”.
Commentator: Ángel García Rodríguez (University of Murcia)


Organizing committee

Clotilde Calabi
Elisa Paganini
Giuseppe Spolaore
Giuliano Torrengo
Alessandro Zucchi

Per informazioni:

  • Giacomo Andreoletti: giacomo.andreoletti@unimi.it
  • Samuele Iaquinto: samuele.iaquinto@unimi.it
04 giugno 2015
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