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Visiting Scholars  
Prof. Frank Hindriks

Maggio 2022: Frank Hindriks, University of Groningen

Short Term Visiting Professors 2022. Frank Hindriks is Chair of the Department of Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy at the University of Groningen, and Member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. Topics: social science and social ontology; rule-following, the nature of institutions, modelling, collective agency, and responsibility.

01 maggio 2022
Maria Rosa Antognazza (from London King's College website)

Settembre 2021: Maria Rosa Antognazza - King’s College, London

Senior Visiting Fellow (II part). Interests: history of philosophy (especially early modern and G.W. Leibniz) and the philosophy of religion (especially especially Religious Epistemology and Metaphysical Issues in Philosophical Theology). Student reception: 21/09 and 24/09, h. 10:30-12:30.

30 settembre 2021
Prof. Luc Foisneau

November 2019: Luc Foisneau, CRNS – EHESS, Paris

Senior Visiting Fellow. Interests: Philosophie politique: Théories de la justice; théories de la souveraineté. Histoire de la pensée politique: Souveraineté et gouvernement; théologie politique; Hobbes, Rousseau, Rawls. Histoire de la philosophie: Dictionnaire des philosophes français du 17e siècle; liberté et nécessité; identité personnelle.

01 novembre 2019
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