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LUCI (Logic, Computation and Information) Group  

LUCI (Logic, Computation and Information) Group's Logo

The LUCI (Logic, Computation and Information) Group at the Department of Philosophy "Piero Martinetti", Università degli Studi di Milano

Our research covers:

  • Proof Theories
  • Applied Logics
  • Non-Classical Logics
  • Philosophical Logics
  • Computational Logic
  • Logic and Information
  • Logic in Computer Science
  • Logic, Uncertainty and Rationality
  • Logical Foundations of Probability
  • Logic in Economics
  • Epistemic and Doxastic Logics
  • Modal Logics

Members of the Logic Group...

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LUCI Lunch Seminars Spring 2022  

The LUCI (Logic, Computation and Information) Group presents the LUCI Lunch Seminars Autumn 2022

Each seminar has been taken place at 1:00 p.m.

Francesca Toni (UCL London)
Argument graphs and assumption-based argumentation

Giuseppe Sergioli (University of Cagliari)
Quantum Information and Machine Learning. From foundations to real applications.

Ekaterina Kubyshkina (University of Campinas)
Ignorance as an excuse, formally

Elaine Pimentel (UCL London)
Ecumenical systems: from natural deduction with stoup to pure modal systems  

Alberto Termine (University of Milan)
Model Checking Stochastic Multi Agent Systems with Imprecise Probabilities

Felix Weitkämper (MCMP Munich)
Statistical relational AI and first-order logics of probability 

Ole Thomassen Hjortland (University of Bergen)
Logical pluralism and abductivism in logic 

Seminari di Logica  

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