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14 aprile 2023: Pietro Galliani: Logics of Dependence and Independence

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Luci Seminars - 2023 Series - a cura del LUCI (Logic, Uncertainty, Computation and Information) Group del Dipartimento di Filosofia "Piero Martinetti"

Pietro Galliani - University of Insubria

Logics of Dependence and Independence

14 aprile 2023: Piattaforma Zoom, ore 14:00-16:00 (Milan time).

In order to obtain the link for the webinar, please write to: logic.unimi@gmail.com

Logics of Dependence and Independence are generalizations of First Order Logic that allow for the specification of more general patterns of interaction between the possible values of variables. The semantics of these logics may be defined via a generalization of Tarski's Semantics in which formulas are satisfied by sets of assignments, or equivalently via an imperfect-information variant of the Game-Theoretic Semantics for First Order Logic. Much is still not known about the classification of these logics and about the study of their expressive capabilities. In this talk, I will discuss some developments in this area, focusing in particular on the problem of identifying which ones of these logics are reducible to First Order Logic

La conferenza si terrà in inglese.

La partecipazione alla conferenza è fortemente consigliata agli allievi della Scuola di Dottorato in Filosofia e Scienze dell’Uomo e della Scuola di Dottorato di Mente, Cervello e Ragionamento.

La partecipazione è aperta a tutti gli interessati. 

The LUCI (Logic, Uncertainty, Computation and Information) Group, Department of Philosophy, University of Milan - luci.unimi.it

14 aprile 2023
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