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25-26 maggio 2023: The Implications of Pathologizing Conspiracy Beliefs

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Workshop on the Implications of Pathologizing Conspiracy Beliefs

Gargnano del Garda (Italy), 25th-26th May 2023.


The British Academy funded Project Conspiratorial Ideation and Pathological Belief is happy to announce its second workshop, on the Implications of Pathologizing Conspiracy Beliefs, which will be held in Gargnano del Garda (Italy) on 25th-26th May 2023.

The second workshop of the project will be focused on the implications of Pathologizing conspiracy beliefs. It will be held at the Palazzo Feltrinelli in Gargnano (Italy), on 25th and 26th May 2023. It will feature six talks from researchers in philosophy and psychology, as well as six commentators.

Aleksandra Cichocka (Psychologist, Kent)
M. R. X. Dentith (Philosopher, Beijing)
Daniel Jolley (Psychologist, Northumbria)
Juha Räikkä (Philosopher, Turku)
Melina Tsapos (Philosopher, Lund)
Jan Willelm Van Prooijen (Psychologist, Amsterdam)

Clotilde Calabi (Philosopher, Milan)
Eric Devall (Philosopher, Waterloo)
Carolina Flores (Philosopher, UC Irvine)
Keith Harris (Philosopher, Bochum)
Paul Noordhof (Philosopher, York)
Judit Szalai (Philosopher, Eotvos Lorand)



25th May

09:30 Juha Räikkä: 'Why a Pejorative Definition of "Conspiracy Theory" does not Pathologize Conspiracy Theorists'. (Respondent: Clotilde Calabi)
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Jan-Willem van Prooijen: 'Conspiracy Theories and Polarisation in the Time of COVID-19'. (Respondent: Eric Devall)
13:00 Lunch
15:15 M R. X. Dentith: 'Pathologising Belief in Conspiracy Theories in Philosophy'. (Respondent: Paul Noordhof)
16:45 Coffee
17:15 Aleksandra Cichocka: 'Why Do Narcissists Find Conspiracy Theories so Appealing?' (Respondent: Judit Szalai)
18:45 Close
26th May

08:30 Melina Tsapos: 'Dimensions of Conspiracy: Toward a Unifying Framework for Understanding Conspiracy Theory Belief'. (Respondent: Caroline Flores)
10:00 Coffee
10:20 Daniel Jolley: 'Conspiracy Theory Beliefs and Non-normative Political Action' (Respondent: Keith Harris)
11:50 Close

For the complete programme and the abstract of the talks please visit the official web page of the project.

For more info, do not hesitate to contact the workshop’s organizers at anna.ichino@unimi.it

26 maggio 2023
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