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25 marzo 2022: Carolina Sartorio: Causalism

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Mind, Brain and Reasoning PhD Seminars presents

Carolina Sartorio, University of Arizona


March 25, 5-6:15 PM

Webinar on Zoom.


“Causalism” is sometimes used to pick out the leading conception of action. On this view, having a certain kind of causal history—one that includes the relevant mental events or states—is what makes a behavior an action. In this talk I sketch and motivate a form of causalism that goes beyond the basic causalist view in that it also covers free action.  According to “big picture” causalism, having the relevant kind of causal history is both what makes a behavior an action and what makes it a free action. This central thesis provides the skeleton of the view. But I then discuss possible enrichments of the view that focus on the grounds of the relevant causal facts. In particular, I lay out a version of a powers-enriched causalism.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend.

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Participation is strongly recommended to students of the Doctoral School in Philosophy and Human Sciences and of the Doctoral School in Brain, Mind, and Reasoning.

The cycle of meetings is part of the didactic proposal of the Doctorate in Brain, Mind, and Reasoning.

Organization: Andrea Guardo, PhD.

25 marzo 2022
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