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Half-Baked. Philosophy of Food Seminars. Fall 2020  

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Half-Baked seminars are dedicated to the Philosophy of Food.

Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Borghini

Organizers: Nicola Piras and Beatrice Serini.

Info: nicola.piras@unimi.it

Online Colloquia Series Fall 2020

October 16 - MEGAN DEAN - Michigan State University (USA)
Big fat liars, sneaky dieters, and factitious allergies : on distrust and eating

October 30 - MATTHEW ADAMS - Indiana University Bloomington (USA)
Using healty food to ameliorate injustice

November 20 - PATRIK ENGISCH - University of Lucern (Switzerland)
Modelling culinary value

December 11- ALISON SUEN -Iona College (USA)
Ethical dining in the age of the pandemic

On Fryday 2.30 Pm Gmc.+1

For more information contact: andrea.borghini@unimi.it
or facebook com/culinarymind

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